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Antoine Peltier Family
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Antoine Peltier (seated) and son, Leonard Peltier
Tin-type photograph dates from around 1875-1880

Welcome to the Antoine Peltier Family Website
This Peltier website is based on the family of Antoine Peltier Sr. (1808-1883) and his wife Angelique Jacques (1818-1895). Antoine and Angelique's family lived in Chesterfield Township, Macomb County, Michigan on the family farm which was at the location of Sugarbush and Cotton Roads.
The Antoine Peltier Sr. family is linked to the very large Pelletier family from Perche, France and shares the common ancestor, Guillaume Pelletier, who moved from France to "New France" Quebec City, Canada in 1641.

Our Family Line:
Guillaume Pelletier m. Michelle Mabille France (Quebec)
John Baptiste Pelletier m. Ann Langlois (Quebec)
Rene Pelletier m. Mary LeClerc (Quebec)
Pierre Pelletier m. Elizabeth Renauld (Quebec)
Andre Pelletier m. Mary Meloche (Detroit)
Charles Pelletier/Peltier m. Archange Casse dit St. Aubin (Detroit - Mt. Clemens)
(Note the name interchange here. It is during the early 1800's the Pelletier name in the Detorit area started
to become more commanly known as Peltier.)
Antoine Peltier m. Angelique Jacques (This website family!)

To learn more indepth Pelletier family history and to research the many other family lines,
please visit Mr. George Pelletier's website at:
Mr. George Pelletier's website of the Pelletier Ancestors is an awesome genealogy depository of family history. Please take the time to visit his website and see how you may link into this proud French family ancestory.
To learn more about the Antoine Peltier Family history, browse through these pages and enjoy the family history of the Antoine Peltier Family of Michigan.

The above photo is a scanned copy of the original tin-type I currently have in my possession. The tin-type I am sad to report, is not in as good condition as it appears on this website. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Michael LaForest, a distant cousin linked through the Pelletier/Peltier and Freton/Forton/Furton lines, for his talent in taking this scanned photo, and digitally clearing up the many smudges and scratches on the original.
Thank you Mike for your work on this photo.
Your work and generosity are greatly appreciated!







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