Military Memorial Page


Military Memorial Page

WW2 Memorial in Washington DC

We honor Vincent Peltier (my grand-father) who fought with the 214th MP division in the US Army in the Atlantic Theater, my Uncle's James Braspenninckx who served in the Navy in the Pacific (and again in Korea!) and Howard Gillard who served in the Army in the Atlantic.

All three are gone but not forgotten.

For more photographs and information about the Washington DC WWII Memorial, please visit their website at: .

Inside view of the WWII Memorial

Interior photograph of the WWII memorial facing the Atlantic Theater arch.    Due to the earliness of the season, the reflecting pool inside the memorial was winterized and empty.


Below is Uncle James Braspenninckx as a 17 year old Navy sailor in WW2.


The Legacy of Vince's Service to his Country

Vince's descendants (Grand-daughter and great-grand-daughters) honoring their grandfathers military service and legacy of freedom.

Below is Vince Peltier in 1942 before he was shipped off to Europe.


The Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial was very emotional and beautiful.  Similar to the Vietnam Memorial, the long black slabs of granite were just overwhelmingly sad when you thought of the lives that did not come back.  The Soldier's Field next to the wall was very haunting.  It made one introspective and very grateful for what all the service men and women did for our country.

Our family especially liked the etched photographs on the wall that at first glance, one didn't necessarily see right away.  In the above photograph, it was interesting to see the reflection of the Soldier's Field on the wall.

Soldier Field Next to the Korean Memorial


Vietnam Servicemen Memorial Statue


Vietnam Servicewomen Memorial Statue