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Antoine Peltier (1808-1883) and Angelique Jacques (1818-1895)

Antoine Peltier was born about 1808 in Michigan according to the many US Census Records of Macomb County, Michigan. Antoine was the 8th child out of 9 siblings of the parents Charles Peltier Sr. and Archange Casse dit St. Aubin. Antoine is noted to have been born in Michigan as it is stated in the US Census records (1840-1880) for Macomb County, Michigan.

Antoine Peltier is shown to have bought a parcel of land, 96 acres, from his brother Charles Peltier Jr. and his wife, Susanne Dagneau de Quindre on December 27, 1831 for a sum of . This parcel of land was purchased in the County of Macomb in the Territory of Michigan. The actual land deed details the boundaries of this parcel of land with one of the boundaries being Lake St.Clair on the eastern most side of this property. The original property has been previously owned by Charles Peltier Sr. (b. 1767) who sold land to his son Charles Peltier Jr. (b. 1794) on December 26, 1831. This parcel of land purchased by Charles Jr. from his father Charles Sr., is not the same boundary description as to what was sold to Antoine the next day. The first land deed mentions the purchase of 75 acres and 95/100ths of an acre and Antoine purchased from his brother Charles Jr. a parcel of 96 acres. It is assumed then that Charles Jr. added to pre-exisiting properties and then sold a portion of it to his brother Antoine, the next day.

The earliest mapped land records for Macomb County, and specifically Chesterfield Township, is from 1859. This 1859 land map shows the locations, boundaries and property owners for that township. Antoine Peltier is listed as the owner in the same area mentioned in the land deed record of 1831 but his eastern most property line does not extend to Lake St. Clair as it once had. It is important to note that the eastern land along Lake St. Clair in 1859 is owned by a J. Jock and a F. John. The importance of the Jock's land ownership is noteworthy because in about 1834-1838, Antoine Peltier married Angelique Jacques (Jock). The J. Jock is Angeliques father, Julien. It is most likely that Antoine and Angelique met because they were neighbors.

The 1875 land map of Chesterfield Township shows Antoine Peltier in the same geographic location as in 1859 but his property appears to be smaller. This 1875 map is interesting as it shows a school house being on the Peltier property near the road, (which is Cotton Road today).

The next land map of Chesterfield Township is from 1895 and it shows Antoine's property, now owned by his son, Leonard Peltier. This 1895 map details not only the property shape, but it includes acreage sizes. Leonard is shown as owning 39.60 acres, DW Meldrum as owning 30.67 acres (that used to be Peltier land) and a Nezire Jean owning 35 acres, (Peltier land that used to border Lake St. Clair). If you add up the three parcels of land, you end up with 104.27 acres in total...close to the original 96 acres Antoine purchased back in 1931. The 1895 map also shows the school house, which is present day Green Elementary School, as being on Leonard Peltier's property.

All we know about Antoine Peltier is from the information received from the US Census records and his Probabte Record (will). In the many US Census records of Chestefield Township, Macomb County, Michigan, Antoine is listed as a farmer by trade, he did not speak or write English, spoke French and was a devout Catholic. Antoine and Angelique attended St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens, Michigan and upon both of their deaths, asked to be buried in the church cemetery. A year after their deaths, both had instructed via their probate records (wills), to have a mass said for them. It is interesting to read Antoine's probate record as it mentions each of his children by name and his intentions regarding his property and personal possessions. Antoine bequeathed his property and personal possessions to his son, Leander (Leonard) Peltier. His wife Engeline (Angelique/Angeline) Jacques, was given use of his land and possessions until her death. Upon Angelique's death, Leander was to inherit it all the family property and possessions. For Antoine's other sons: Richard, Ely and Antoine Jr., they were bequeathed a sum of $1.00, each to be paid within two years of his death. Likewise, Antoine's daughter's: Exalier (Exalia) Lambert, Matilda Furton, Julia Rose and Ida Laponse, were to receive the same amount of $1.00 each within two years of his death. It is further mentioned that Leander and Angelique were commissioned to raise the remaining two younger sons: Caesar and Charles, until the age of 21. Antoine's probate record is signed by "his mark" and this probate record was drawn up on Janaury 28, 1878 in the presence of three witnessess: Charles S. Rose (Julia Peltier's husband), Ely Peltier (son of Antoine) and James Lambert (Exalia Peltier's husband). The petition for this will to go into probate was January 18, 1884 and it names the family petitioners. Antoine's probate record is available to be seen in both hand written form and by typed transcription from Kathy Poston ( This probate record is also on file at the Macomb County Court House in Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Antoine and Angelique's gravestone cannot be viewed at St.Peter's Cemetery. They are listed on the chruch rolls as being buried there, (per Al Sierens, Master Genealogist of Mt. Clemens), but an exact location is not noted in the records. St. Peter's Cemetery in Clinton Township, Macomb County, does though hold many other Peltier ancestors including Antoine Peltier Jr., Eli Peltier, Caesar Peltier as are their wives and families.

Angelique Jacques, wife of Antoine Peltier, born on 10 March 1818 in Canada has been by far the most puzzeling ancestor to trace. As most of my research revolves around finding a birth or christening record for Antoine, I am likewise trying to find a birth, christening or marriage record for Angelique. Angelique's death record in Macomb County does list her dying at the age of 76, a few days before her 77th birthday.

I would like to mention a few people who have been kind enough to do research, lookups, share family information and correspond with me regading the Peltier and Jacques families...without them, my research would be sorely lacking in interest and facts. *Ann Faulkner, genealogy volunteer extrodinaire from the Mt. Clemens library...thank you for all your time, help, advice and friendship. Ann has been a great source of information and was the one to find and send me Antoine Peltier's Probate Record among many other facts and information regarding the Peltier and Jacques family. *Mike LaForest has been a wonderful Furton-Furtaw/Peltier researcher who has been very helpful in linking our families together via both the Furton and Peltier lines. Mike has also been very kind in taking my Antoine and Leonard Peltier photo (photo below) and cleaning it up, removing smudges and scrathes and enhancing this prized photograph for me. *Bill Allor, a recent fellow researcher I've been in contact with, found out we are linked through Margaret Freton-Furton-Peltier. Margaret's sister Mary, married an Allor thus, the link. We have found and shared new photographs and I learned that that Margaret and Mary's children were good friends. *Paul Jacques from Canada...we've met only on the message boards and through him, I received the Jacques and Dube lines going back to Quebec and France. THANK YOU! * Marilyn Burke. We've lost touch in the past year but Marilyn has been a very diligent in documenting many of the Peltier and Furton lines in Macomb County, Michigan area. Most of Marilyn's information sent to me details the indirect lines of my Peltiers but none the less, it is very appreciated and helpful in my direct line research just the same. *Al Sierens...I have not had the honor of meeting Al. Al Sierens has been gracious to send me the information he had regarding my Peltier and Jacques lines. His work and correspondence has been greatly appreciated! An update as of December 2, 2001 - it is with sad news that Al Sierens has passed away this November. I deeply regret that I did not have the opportunity to meet such a wonderful and kind man in the genealogy world. I am comforted though in knowing Al will be greatly missed here on earth, but forever in our hearts and in our research as the genealogist with the kindest heart.*Lastly, I'd like to thank Claude E. Pelletier and George Pelletier for their great web- sites dedicated to the Pelletier Family. Both men have been very kind in answering my numerous inquiries about the Pelletier family and posting my Antoine & Angelique line on their web sites thus linking us to the Pelletier family tree. **If I have omitted anyone who wishes to be recognized. please contact me. I will be updating this area on a continuous basis. I apologize for any errors or omissions.

Leonard Peltier c. ~1880-1883 (age ~37 years old)

Antoine (1808-1883) seated, and Leonard (1846-1923) Peltier

Young Margaret Freton-Peltier c. ~1874-1880

Leonard Peltier & Margaret Freton's Wedding Photo - 9 Feb 1880

Richard Peltier - Antoine's oldest son b. 1841

Eli Peltier - Antoine's son b. 1843

Peter Peltier - Antoine's son b. 1848

Antoine Peltier Jr. -Antoine Sr's son b. 1845

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Peter Peltier & MaryT. Thomas Wedding Photo - 1879
Caesar Peltier - Antoine's son b. 1860
Leonard, Peter and Caesar Peltier - brothers
Charles Peltier - Antoine's son b. 1857 d. 1891

ANTOINE PELTIER b. 1808 d. 1883. Son of Charles Peltier Sr. and Archange Casse dit St. Aubin. Married ANGELIQUE JACQUES, b. 1818 d. 1895, about 1834-1838.


1) Exalia-Adelaide (Olive) Peltier b. 1838 d. 1915. Married to Joseph Lambert.

2) Domatilda (Matilda) Peltier b. 1840 d. aft. 1910. Married Denis Freton-Forton-Furtaw.

3) Richard Peltier b. 1841 d. 1923 . Married to Angelica-Angeline Meldrum.

4) Eli Peltier b. 1843 d. 1928. Married to Mary Adeline Lemonde.

5) Antoine Peltier Jr. b. 1844 d. 1929. Married Elisabeth Irene Chartier.
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6) Leonard (Leander) Peltier b. 1846 d. 1923. Married to Margaret Freton-Forton.

7) Peter Peltier b. 1848 d. ? Married Mary T. Thomas.

8) Julia Philomene Peltier b. 1850. d. 1881. Married Charles S. Rose.

9) Mary Jane - Ida Peltier b. 1853. d. ???. Married ???

10) Susanne Angelica Peltier b. 1855 d. ???.

11) Charles Julian Peltier b. 1857 d. 1891.

12) Edward Isaiah Peltier b.1859. d. ???.

13) Caesar Peltier b. 1860 d. 1928. Married (1) Florence Campeau and (2) Mary Meldrum.