Noah's Family


Noah Joseph Peltier and Martha Mary Furton
Family Story and Photographs

Above photograph is of Martha Furton-Peltier and Noah Peltier (couple on the left) and two other unidentified couples. Contact me if you recognize the unknown couples!

Noah Joseph Peltier was born in 1887 in Chesterfield Township, Michigan, son of Leonard Peltier and Margaret Freton/Furton, died in 1967 in Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan and married to Martha Mary Furton born in 1890 in Chesterfield Twp. Macomb County, Michigan, daughter of Paul William Furton/Freton and Ameila (Emily) Peltier in 1912 and died 20 March 1962 in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Noah and Martha grew up in Chestefield Township in Macomb County, Michigan. They grew up together as their fathers owned farms kitty corner from each other.

As a young man, Noah worked on his father's farm in Chesterfield Township and was known to harness race (his horses name was Baby Two Step)and box. Noah did not stay on the family farm to farm, he left Chesterfield Twp., to work as a gardner in Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne Co., MI.

Martha as a young woman also worked on her father's farm and was a bath attendant in some of the spa hotels that Mt. Clemens was famous for at the turn of the century.

As a married couple, Noah and Martha lived on the Lothrup and Schrer Estates in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, where Noah worked at the estate gardner. All of Noah's and Martha's children were born in Grosse Pointe Farms.

From Grosse Pointe Farms, Noah and Martha moved to 850 Continental, Detroit, MI, where Noah worked for the Ford Motor Company and as family oral history states, he drove off one of the first assembly line cars made at the Ford plant. In addition to working as an assembly line worker for the Ford Motor Company, Noah also sold used cars at a Ford lot in Detroit in his later years.

In their later years, Noah and Martha lived with their son, Vincent Peltier and his wife Dorothy Braspenninckx-Peltier in Royal Oak, Michigan. My mother Mary Jane Peltier-Sochowicz, (Vince & Dorothy's daughter), has many wonderful memories and stories of having her grandparents living at home with them. Noah was known for his gardening skills and he took great joy in keeping up the Royal Oak property while he lived there.

Martha died in 1962 of a heart attack. My mother Mary Jane, postponed her wedding for that year out of mourning for her grandmother.

Noah died five years later in 1967. I can barely remember Noah, my great grandfather, but the two vivid memories I do have are of the smell of tobacco since Noah smoked a pipe and his upholstered chair he used to sit in all the time.

Noah Peltier
Circa ~1907-1912. Love the hair!

Martha Mary Furton-Peltier

Elsie with Aunt Mabel Peltier and sister Thelma.
Elsie and Thelma are Noah and Martha Peltier's daughters. Mabel is Noah's sister.
Circa ~1916-1917

Thelma Peltier

Donald and Vincent Peltier standing, Thelma Peltier sitting.
Photo taken about 1928-1929 at Belle Isle in Detroit.

Vincent Peltier
School photograph 1928
Children of Noah Peltier (1887-1967) and Martha Mary Furton (1890-1962) - Married in 1912

1) Elsie Peltier born about 1912-1913 and died about 1921-1922 in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi.

2) Thelma Peltier was born in 1914 and is still with us. She married Lawerence Fournier.

3) Donald James Peltier was born in 1916 and is still with us. He married Betty Jeanne Delmedge.

4) Vincent Joseph Peltier was born in 1918 died in 1984. Vincent married Dorothy Ann Braspenninckx in 1942.

5) Russell Charles Peltier was born in 1920 and died the same year.

6) Percival Paul Peltier. Name known but birth date and death are unknown.

7) Teresa Marie Peltier. Same as Pecival known but birth and death dates are unknown.

8) Baby Girl Peltier. Name, birth and death date unknown. Baby may be named Claire or Mary Elizabeth.